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YOUR FEEDBACK: Fake Disney Pin Trading Pins Sold Online

YOUR FEEDBACK: Fake Disney Pin Trading Pins Sold Online

Recently we have been receiving a lot of feedback from our readers about an increase in fake or “Scrapper” pins in orders of pins received from online resellers. We all agree that Scrappers are reducing the value and enjoyment of Disney Pin Trading and ethical traders and pin sellers are beyond frustrated.

As it stands, the Scrapper issue creates a vicious cycle for Pin Traders. The fake pins are purchased from overseas manufacturers, sold online by US resellers, purchased by Disney Pin Traders, and then traded in Disney Parks where they flood the Cast Pin Trading Lanyards and are re-traded by unsuspecting Disney Guests to the point where it’s tough to tell what’s real and what’s not. It’s Pin Laundering.  

Then the pins are resold online, honestly stating that the pins were “Traded For in Disney Parks” which may be true. This cycle means that when you are buying pins on line, there is no way to guarantee that you are purchasing Authentic Disney Trading Pins.

Like we said… it’s beyond frustrating.

We’ve written several articles, newsletters and facebook posts on how to avoid buying and how to identify Scrappers, and though education helps, the real opportunity for tackling this huge issue lies in raising awareness and sharing information within the Disney Pin Trading community.

We’re not suggesting that you blast every seller who sends you the occasional Scrapper, but if you’ve had an experience (good or bad) with buying pins on line you need to share it with others so that we can work together to raise awareness.

So we invite you to post your comments regarding your online pin buying experiences.

If there is a reseller who you want to recommend, go for it.          

If you are Disney Pin Seller who does your best to sell authentic Disney Pins, let us know.

And  if you’ve had a bad experience… well, we’ll leave that up to you.

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